Saturday, May 16, 2009



1. 1959, April. The formation of an ad hoc Committee to explore the possibility of establishing a Presbyterian congregation in Kitwe. This ad hoc Committee consisted of Mr. A. L. Pons 9Convener), Mr. W. O. Willows, Mr. A. Mick. Grant and the Late Mr. Ivor Morgan.
2. 1959, September. General Assembly authorized the development which would lead to the establishment of the first Presbyterian congregation on the Copperbelt.
3. 1959, October. The first members of our congregation were enrolled as the initial step to meet the requirements of the Church Extension and Aid Committee. Enrolment has continued steadily since this date.
4. 1960, February. The first "congregational" gathering was attended by 28 members who elected a working committee to take whatever further appropriate steps were required to bring about the formal establishment of our congregation. Mr. A. L. Pons elected Chairman of this committee.
5. 1960, 6th June. The registration of our congregation as a Church Extension Charge was announced. Our inaugural service on this date was conducted by the Moderator of the General assembly, the Rt. Rev. H. H. Munro, M. a., and was attended by approximately 150 people.
6. 1960, 17th July. Our first properly constituted congregational meeting was held and, amongst other matters, the members of our first Kirk Session and Board of Management were elected. It was at this meeting that  the congregation unanimously decided to adopt the name of St. Andrews.
7. 1960, July to 1961, January. Rev. J. D. C. Anderson, B. A., of Lusaka, was our interim Moderator. During this period he conducted monthly church services, visited the sick, officiated at a wedding, baptized nine children and conducted a funeral. We owe him a very special vote of thanks and appreciation for the efficient and friendly way in which he helped us often at great personal inconvenience.
The two services during December, 1960 were conducted by Mr. Anstice and the Session clerk.
1961, last week in January. The arrival in Kitwe of Rev. and Mrs. J Clark and family. Rev. J. Clerk, B. A., was inducted as our minister by the Moderator of the Presbytery of Rhodesia, Rev. Granville Morgan, B. A.